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To all my valued customers, please note that I only make One Of A Kind pieces! When  a piece is SOLD through this web site I will NOT be able to make another piece like that one ever again.  So if you see a creation that you would like, please email me as soon as possible to take the opportunity to purchase it. Thank You!!! 
All of my figurines are hand created from polymer clay.  Each piece takes on its own theme and character to become a One Of A Kind unique individual creation.
I have created from my immagination a world beyond belief which gives me wealth that can not be measured, but which I can give to others thru my creations.  The only thing more beautiful than to create your own world is to share it with others!!  This is my life and passion which I LOVE to share with you!

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Welcome to the world of
my fantasy creations!
 I am a Czech artist with a passion for creating characters of my imagination. 

Nov 3-5 2017 
Steve Powers Craft Festival
Great Show!!!